Thursday, September 10, 2009


ALAMAK , the hit & exciting half an hour comedy sketch and spoof show is on
every WEDNESDAY, 7.30PM & 11 pm, ( Ch 104 ). Directed by Zaid Zahari ( also as producer / writer / actor ). It has about 10 sketches per episode, and 13 episodes altogether.

The segments include : Classic malay Films, Hollywood characters, Mamak & Cafe Jokes, Scenes in Clinics, Barber shop Comedy, Funny stories at home, Office Comedy, Film Audition Sketches, Superhero interview, Cowboy & Red Indian Spoofs, Detective Sketches, etc

Actors are : Zaid Zahari (Main), Jeff Omar, Badrolshah, Sham Sunder Binwani, John Wayne
Guest celebrities : Elie Suriaty, Radhi Khalid, Azura Zainal and Pian


  1. alamak!best!hehehe....lawak yg stailll....

  2. yup u r right ALAMAK is just cool but i'm cooler
    naaaaaa just kidding